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Class Descriptions

Parent and Toddler

crawlers to 3 years old
This class offers a fun class for parent and child to practice yoga in a fun way that engages the child and give the parent a chance to practice on the mat. The class will be a fun mixture of animal poses, art, music, breathing and relaxation that is age appropriate and fun for the parent as well. Caregivers welcome.
Class is 45 minutes.

3 - 5 year olds

Having fun, connecting to each other, and doing simple breathing exercises are all part of this class. At this age, when children are sponges, we teach them simple and fun yoga poses (think barking like a St. Bernard in downward dog and meowing in cat pose). Adding features such as art, music, ecology, math, reading and more, the children have a chance to practice their social skills, connect with others as well as increasing strength, flexibility, sensory and motor skills. Must be potty trained. Parents are encouraged to leave so kids can explore independence!
Class is 45 minutes.

Kids Yoga

K-2nd Grade
Being playful and silly is a great gateway to introducing yoga to kids. Not only will kids have space for self-expression in this class, they will also strengthen their bodies, as well as their connection to mindfulness and breathing techniques. Through yoga poses, art, music and more, kids release energy and learn how to relax.
Class is one hour.

Kids Yoga

3rd-5th Grade
As children get into this age group, they will learn more about breathing and visualization and be introduced to more yoga poses that will focus on improving coordination, creating strength and increasing flexibility. While learning these techniques, they are also taught to respect their bodies and themselves as well as others. They will learn more about the importance of connection to others by playing in partner and group poses and games games and more breathing techniques and about their bodies.
Class is one hour.

Middle School

Children in this age group graduate from barking in downdog and meowing in cat pose to learning more postures and sequences. More focus on awareness of self and others, and longer times in meditation and mindfulness practices. Sharing circles to discuss basic yogic philosophies and how they apply to the modern day middle schooler. Still fun games and partner poses that age-appropriate.
Class is 1 hour.

High School

More similar to an adult yoga class, students will be taught in a non-competitive environment and will be encouraged to begin to really listen to their bodies, something that many don’t learn until later in life. Through modifications and variations, there is a place for everyone in this class. Discussion of yogic philosophies and how they apply to the modern day high schooler will be explored, as well as more breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques than in the younger classes. Each class will include movement through thoughtful sequencing, mindfulness through the power of connection to breath, and stress relief and relaxation through the practice of meditation. Self-esteem building and love of self is encouraged and discussed.
Class is 1 hour.

Private Instruction/Semi-Private

Private instruction is a wonderful option for the student who wants to focus on a particular area of yoga or works better in a one-on-one environment. This is also a great option for a semi-private, which would go up to as many as 5 students. Can be used for families as well!

Family Yoga

Yoga and fun for the entire family! Join us for this one hour class that will focus on playful poses, engaging games, simple breath techniques, partner family poses and a relaxing family savasana. Ages 3-10, but older children are welcome if they would like to participate. Class is one hour.

Little Guru Kids Yoga

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