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At Little Guru we believe that exploring creativity, and practicing yoga, mindfulness and meditation helps toddlers to teens experience a connection to self and others!

We need more of that in today’s culture!

These practices also build self esteem, relieve stress and allow children and teens to explore the inner landscape of their experiences and emotions. We offer a variety art and yoga class series throughout the traditional school such as Parent/Toddler Yoga, Preschool Yoga, Kids Yoga, Mindfulness Classes, Little Guru Art, Yoga and Mindfulness, Storybook Yoga, Creative Movement and so much more!


Reagan LOVES coming to yoga each week and it’s been such a healthy confidence booster for her shy little self! She used to cover her face and hesitate to join in, but she certainly seems wide open to her full range of silliness when she comes now! So grateful for all you do! ~ Rachel R.

Little Guru Kids Yoga

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Little Guru Kids Yoga

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